Friday, November 6, 2009

Favorite Time of the Year!

Changing leaves, college football & rugby, harvest and HALLOWEEN! I just love the fall! And we are having great fall weather too! Well, except for all the rain.... which isn't helping some of my friends and their harvesting. I think about October for most of the year.... "what am I going to be for Halloween?" I like the creative ideas.... I'm not so much one to dress up as skimpy raggedy Ann, to few clothes Dorothy, or slutty snow white. Yeah, they're cute and fun (if ya can pull it off), but coming up with something original is more fun and there are fewer of your costume down at the ville. That's our tradition.... we all get dressed up then head to our friends', hang out a bit sippin' on "apple cider," then head to Aggieville. It's a good time. We show off our costumes, get to see everyone else's and the boys get to enjoy all those adult Cinderellas, cops, refs, and mermaids.
This year, I went as a golden statue! Got the idea from those people who stand out on the street as a stone statue or the statue of liberty. Then in the movie Year One there was a kid that had to be a gold statue in the greek times. So, I thought "Hell! why not!" I bought a sheet and Hobby Lobby's supply of classic gold acrylic paint. For a day or so, I spent my time with gold paint.... that included it getting everywhere, because face it when I do something (baking, painting, pastels, etc) it's going to be found all over. Jorge found gold finger prints on the remote, my phone, some mail and the coffee table. Once the sheet was done I pinned it to a bra and made a long skirt out of the rest. Added a little gold rope, and Wallah! it's a gold toga! I also had some heels that I put gold clothe on.... with duct tape! :)
The night of Halloween, I cut Jorge's hair..... Oh, he was Jake Blues (aka: John Belushi). It was pretty amazing, he's a look alike that's for sure. Then I had him paint my back and I sent him on his way to Manhattan. Then 2 bottles later I was gold!! Off to Pomeroy I went (our friends house), with extra safty pins & paint.....
Before heading out we had to take some photos. Our group consisted of a Trojan, a leprechaun, a sniper, a hillbilly, a boyscout, Jake Blues, a gold statue, and Allen from the Hangover. Overall it was a pretty fun night.... except for the fact I broke my camera.... so, I went 1999 Disposable for the rest of the night.
I had to head back early from the bars since 6am was rolling around pretty fast - I had to go to work. Before I crashed, I managed to find the shower, scrub, and change into my scrubs.
Sunday, I found gold on the stick & steering wheel in my car, on my Id & debit card, in my purse, and on my bag that had my work clothes & soap in it, and a little still in my ears, under my nails, and glitter in my hair.
I would say 2009 Halloween was fun, another one to add to the books.
Who woulda thought duck tape, safty pins & some acrylic paint could turn out so good!
And now.... "what should I be for 2010!?!"